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Chiefs Signing Thomas Jones One Of The Best Free Agency Moves

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I've been perusing the internet this afternoon and stumbled upon a piece by ESPN's Adam Schefter covering the top five moves of free agency so far. The top one -- Ravens acquiring Anquan Boldin -- is a no-brainer.

The second best move of free agency thus far, according to Schefter?

Well I guess the headline kinda gave it away.

After the Bears paid $7 million in guaranteed money to Chester Taylor, the Chiefs landed Thomas Jones for two seasons for $5 million. Talk about value. The $5 million also was $800,000 less than Jones was scheduled to earn this season in New York before the Jets released him. Taylor was a solid pickup, but Jones' signing topped it.

Taylor signed a four-year, $12.5 million contract with the Bears which is team friendly in the latter years. However, Taylor will earn more in year one ($7 million) than Jones will receive over the life of the contract.

Yeah, it's safe to say the Chiefs got a good deal here.