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Former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson Visiting The Raiders And Redskins

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Six days have gone by in free agency and there's been nothing on the future of free agent and former Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson.

Until now.

Redskins are scheduled to host a visit Thursday with former Chiefs and Bengals running back Larry Johnson.

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting.

This move is a little perplexing if you ask me. The Redskins already have their over 30, broken down running back in Clinton Portis.

The one part of this I can make sense out of is the connection to Mike Shanahan. If you'll recall, back in LJ's day, he tore up the Broncos on a regular basis. And the coach at the time?

Mike Shanahan. 

[Update: And I'm just now noticing, via the FanShots, that he's also visiting the Raiders. Wow.]

(H/T kcsno56)