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Chiefs Scouts Will Be Busy Today

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There are a few schools of interest to the Kansas City Chiefs hosting a Pro Day today including Alabama and Kansas.

The Chiefs have checked out Alabama a few times this season and names like Rolando McClain and Terrence Cody have been involved speculation surrounding the Chiefs draft.

In fact, both McClain and Cody skipped out on Alabama's trip to see President Obama in preparation for today's festivities.

Because of the local connection, Chiefs scouts have also seen quite a few KU games so there's another pro day to keep an eye on.

After the jump, the complete listing of the 17 pro days today.

(H/T WtexKC)

1. Alabama
2. Brown
3. BYU
4. California
5. California-Davis
6. Colorado
7. Kansas
8. Kentucky
9. Maryland
10. Minnesota
11. New Hampshire
12. New Mexico
13. Oklahoma State
14. Rutgers
15. Texas A&M
16. Washington

17. Cincinnati

(H/T National Football Post)