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Trading Down From Five Could Be Tough For The Chiefs

I've been saying that the best opportunity for the Kansas City Chiefs to trade down in the NFL Draft is if no quarterbacks are selected before them. In that scenario, the Chiefs would be sitting at No. 5 with all quarterbacks available ready and willing to accept a trade down.

Generally, a quarterback is only the position a team will trade up into the top five of the draft for. Last season, the Jets moved up the No. 5 spot for Sanchez, so teams are willing to move into the top five for the right guy.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post cites a league source who says the Redskins might be willing to pull the trigger on a quarterback with the 4th pick, right before the Chiefs.

The offensive line would seem to be an obvious place to start for Allen and Shanahan, especially with the expected retirement of Pro Bowl left tackle Chris Samuels because of a severe neck injury. But Shanahan is eager to draft and develop a young quarterback, a league source familiar with his thinking said recently, and former Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford has been linked with the Redskins in most early mock drafts. Former Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen also often has been listed as a possible top pick of the Redskins.

We're a long, long way from knowing anything solid information about the Chiefs and other teams, but I do know trade down scenarios will be much, much easier if a quarterback is available.

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