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Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt Talks Matt Cassel, Jamaal Charles



Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt talked with Soren Petro and The Program last week as the crew at 810 WHB counted down to Super Bowl Sunday. I was busy taking photos so I'm just now getting to Hunt's interview, where he talked about two of the Chiefs key players heading into 2010 Matt Cassel and Jamaal Charles.

After the jump, I pulled out a couple of quotes on Cassel and Charles from Hunt's interview with Petro.

On Matt Cassel:

Obviously, early in the year we had troubles with pass protection, which I think affected him. But in the latter stages of the year, I think he calmed down and our line did a better job. Certainly, Jamaal Charles was a big part in being successful up front.

I think we have our quarterback of the future. If you want to get to the Super Bowl - this weekend is a good example of that - you need the guy calling the plays to be a leader and be an outstanding player.

I think as I talk to people in the NFL, both coaches and former players, they see a lot of the qualities in Matt that you see in the quarterbacks that are playing this weekend and the quarterbacks that have had success in this league.

On Jamaal Charles:

I think for his size, he plays like a big player. I think one of the things we all learned about him this year was just how tough he was and how much heart he has. We knew he was fast and talented but he was able to carry a load that we didn't expect he'd be able to carry. It'll be exciting to see what he can do with 16 games next season.

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