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FYI To Mel Kiper: Chiefs Pick 5th, Not 6th In NFL Draft

Our friend Ryan over at KC Chiefs Blog has pointed out that ESPN's Mel Kiper is sticking with Oklahoma State's OT Russell Okung as the Kansas City Chiefs pick in the draft.

In his initial mock draft on January 20th, Kiper has the Chiefs taking Okung.

A Chiefs fan asked Kiper in a mailbag if the club might look at Florida CB Joe Haden or Tennessee S Eric Berry.

The issue is one of value.  I just don’t think Berry will be around at No. 6, and with as many needs as K.C. has, it’s not a scenario where you can see it trading up for a specific guy.  And remember this with Russell Okung: If you get him at No. 6, you have the chance to improve two positions, not just one, because it gives you a chance to move Branden Albert along the line.

Uh, Mel?

The Chiefs pick 5th, not 6th.

Hard to take these guys seriously when A.) the draft is still nearly three months away and B.) they can't get the top of the draft order correct.

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