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Tuesday's Weather Delay Open Thread

via <a href="">aroundthehornkc</a>
via aroundthehornkc

Good morning AP readers!

I have a bit of unfortunate blogging news to report this morning. Joel's flight out of Miami was canceled today because of weather and he's just now got a new flight at 11:30 AM. He'll be around a bit but he'll also be busy traveling today.

So to keep the conversation flowing, here is an open thread for the day. Joel will likely be able to get some blogging done but I want to make sure you all have an outlet while he's delayed at the airport.

I'd also ask you guys to increase your already incredible daily effort in the FanPost and FanShot sections. If some of you can get some good FanPosts up, we'll promote them to the front page and AP will keep rolling along like it always. Thank you for your patience in this delay.

To kick it off, since we're talking about weather already, how many of you have the day off today? They're talking (gasp) snow and ice this week here in Austin. Yeah...right.....

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