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Chiefs Lose a Coach to the Texans

NJ Chiefs Fan caught this over the weekend in Arrowheadlines but we're just now getting it to the front page.

Last week, we thought the Kansas City Chiefs and head coach Todd Haley had rounded out their coaching staff. Apparently not.

Strength and conditioning coach Cedric Smith is headed to the Houston Texans, says Bob Gretz and others:

"I’m extremely excited to be here," Smith said from his team office. "Knowing Gary Kubiak from being in Denver, I look at it as a great opportunity to be part of something special here, with a team up-and-coming and on the cusp of winning a championship."

"To me it is a natural fit, having a chance to work with great personalities and good people that you know," Smith said. "After having a chance to work around them and understanding their mindset, it’s just a natural fit."

There are bigger losses than the strength and conditioning coach. The more interesting issue is, as Gretz notes, there remains only one coach on staff who was there prior to last season: Assistant strength and conditioning coach Brent Salazar.

H/T to WTexKC for the inital FanShot this evening.

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