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Open Thread: Super Bowl XLIV

Joel's view of the game is probably better than yours.
Joel's view of the game is probably better than yours.

Yes, it's finally here. After two weeks of waiting, Super Bowl XLIV is here.

This is the open thread for the game (5:25 PM central time on CBS) but we've got a new twist for you this evening. is hosting a network-wide open thread for the game. Sort of an experiment of sorts to see how our 239 sports blogs can interact for a big event.

tomahawk44 and j-man have already stopped by over there and I'd encourage you guys to leave a few comments over there to rep AP. Remember, you represent Arrowhead Pride over there so try not to be a jerk :)

Here is the link (make sure you click the "auto-refresh" box right before the comments start): SB Nation Super Bowl Open Thread.

So comment there and comment here. Wherever you'd like actually. Just have fun with it. It's the Super Bowl!

Okay...Who do you have? And what are you eating for the big game?

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