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Welcome to Super Bowl Sunday, Chiefs Fans

Good morning Chiefs fans!

I just spoke with Joel and he's in the car with Saintsational from Canal Street Chronicles and they're about to pick up Big Blue Shoe from Stampede Blue. Of course, after that, they'll be on their way to Dolphins Stadium for Super Bowl XLIV.

Joel has been killing it with his Super Bowl coverage all week over at so make sure you head over there and catch up on his posts. His work will be easy to find - his name is splashed across the headlines at

Even though this is a Kansas City Chiefs site, today is really only about the Colts and Saints. I hope everyone has their bets in, their meat marinating and their grills ready to be fired up. This is potentially the best sports day of the year. So make sure you enjoy it!

This is the early open thread for the day so chat away in here today until an hour before kick off at 4:25 PM central time, when we'll post the open thread. One twist to today's community talk is that we'll have one Super Bowl thread hosted at where all of the football communities will gather as well as the usual open thread thing here at AP.

I think it would be really cool if some of you guys head over to the SBN open thread about 5 PM or so and participate there as well. It will reflect very well on AP and our community.

To get some conversation started today, what are you cooking up for the big game today?

I hope you have a smile on your face today. It's Super Bowl Sunday!

It's Game Time.

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