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Chiefs' Horse WarPaint Gets Some Press

3206376_mediumAh, you can tell the media landscape is changing when I have a headline like that. Yes, WarPaint, the Paint Horse that makes its way up and down the field at Arrowhead Stadium every score is receiving some attention.

Susie Derouchey and WarPaint received the "Legendary Achievement Award" before the final home game against the Denver Broncos.

"I felt like that whole day was just a dream come true," said Derouchey. "I will forever cherish the award, the buckle and all the memories."

That Broncos game was a busy, busy day for WarPaint and Derouchey. There were six scoring runs, and the opening entrance, for a total of seven sprints down the field.

Derouchey said riding WarPaint to "thundering applause of about [about?] 70,000 Chiefs fans" a unique opportunity.

"It’s the biggest adrenaline rush you could ever imagine," said Derouchey. "It’s absolutely surreal. To have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to incorporate my love for cheerleading and performing in front of a crowd with my passion for horses is such a unique opportunity. I thanked God every time I got to run this year."

Read more about WarPaint and Derouchey at, the "website for horse lovers."

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