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Chiefs GM Says Spending Wisely Will Be Important Come Free Agency

Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli spoke to a few reporters, including Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star, at the Win for KC event this evening.

The topic was free agency (the 2nd biggest holiday in the offseason following the draft).

Here's what Babb is reporting via Twitter:

On being aggressive in free agency: "We want to be successful in free agency. Being aggressive doesn’t always equate to being successful."

Pioli said KC would avoid "Just going out and signing players so it looks like you’re doing something to upgrade your football team."

On the coaching staff: "It’s just a good chemistry thing. … We’ve got a very strong coaching staff right now.

"We’ve got to continue to build our football team; get more players in here that are the right fit and are better because obviously we need to get better."

This sounds pretty similar to last year, though I wonder if things will be different since last year's free agent class wasn't exactly stellar. As Babb points out, this teams a lot of help.

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