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Talking With Dez Bryant About the Kansas City Chiefs

I was able to catch up with Dez Bryant, the wide receiver formerly of Oklahoma State, and currently the top wide receiver prospect in the NFL Draft.

His draft projections have him being selected anywhere from 1st to 15th. We talked about a few things, some of which can be read at and some that will come later.

However, I wasn't going to let the No. 1 receiver in the draft leave without getting his thoughts on possibly becoming a Kansas City Chiefs receiver. After talking with him about his sponsor, Under Armour, I asked him about becoming a Chief.

"That would be nice," he told me. "Whoever drafts me, they ill get the best of Dez Bryant.

"If it's the Kansas City Chiefs they're going to get the best of me .I love playing football. I'm a very physical, fearless person and when it comes to getting in between the white lines…I'm not afraid."

So you're not afraid to get out there and block and be the whole package?

"Not afraid to at all," he said. "It's all part of the game, you know?"

There you have it. Dez Bryant...wouldn't mind being a Chief. Then again, who would mind being the 5th overall pick in the draft?

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