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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/5

Good Morning AP. We're getting ready for 8-12 inches of snow here over the next 24 hours. It always amazes me how the bread/eggs/milk disappear. I guess everyone makes french toast when snowed in?

"These guys are nuts," The Capitalist said. "They get 60 percent of the NFL revenue and they think that’s their right? Where is their risk? The owners assume all the risk."

I reminded The Capitalist that the football players more than any other team sport, risk their bodies in playing the game.

"It’s not like they aren’t getting paid," The Capitalist nearly shouted. "How many 23 or 24-year olds are making two or three million dollars a year? They get paid quite well for their risk."

Yes they do, and owners make a lot of money themselves. The golden goose landed on pro football some 20 years ago and continues to punch out eggs filled with riches. The owners have seen the value of their franchises rise remarkably in the last 20 years. The players union says those values are up 500 percent. The players are getting 60 percent of the league’s gross revenues. This coming season, the minimum salary for rookies is $320,000. A three-year veteran has a minimum of $545,000.

Everybody has gotten rich and the fans have gotten poorer.

The Golden Goose May Die … Friday Cup O’ Super Bowl from Bob Gretz

Clark Hunt has said it many times since becoming chairman of the Chiefs: He believes in building the team through the draft.

Hunt and the Chiefs may have little choice this year. The NFL’s owners and players are heading into the final year of the collective-bargaining agreement, and new rules will govern the free-agent market when it opens March 5.

Teams won’t be limited by a salary cap, but a limited number of players will be available. Nobody is certain how things will unfold, but it doesn’t appear teams will be able to load up on free-agent talent.

New rules may curtail Chiefs’ free-agency shopping from KC Star (H/T to OCF in Fanshots)

The early list has 11 Chiefs as restricted free agents and seven as unrestricted. That group includes seven players who finished the 2009 season as starters.

RESTRICTED FREE AGENTS – G Andy Alleman, RB Jackie Battle, QB Brodie Croyle, QB Matt  Gutierrez, LB Derrick Johnson, LB Corey Mays, OT Ikechuku Ndukwe, C Rudy Niswanger, OT Ryan O’Callaghan, FS Jarrad Page and RB Kolby Smith.

UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS – SS Mike Brown, WR Chris Chambers, WR Terrance Copper, TE Sean Ryan, OL Wade Smith, OLB Mike Vrabel and WR Bobby Wade.

A Look At Chiefs Free Agents from Bob Gretz

Join the Kansas City Chiefs at their annual Draft Day Party on Thursday, April 22nd at the Chiefs Indoor Practice Facility located at the Truman Sports Complex. This is your chance to meet and greet current and former Chiefs players, with special appearances by the Chiefs Cheerleaders and KC Wolf. This year, the first round of the draft has moved into prime time on Thursday night.

Doors will open at 4:00 PM with "Voice of the Chiefs" Mitch Holthus providing commentary along with Chiefs players and personalities throughout the evening. The draft begins at 6:30 p.m. (Central) live from New York, with the Chiefs scheduled to make the fifth overall selection in the draft. Don’t miss the excitement of the Chiefs 2010 Draft Day Party.

Join the Chiefs for the 2010 NFL Draft from The Mothership

I'll put the Griefs "officially tortured" pedigree up against just about anyone. We're not talking about the Saints or Lions here -- this is a franchise that from the early '90s through the mid-aughts put together numerous winning seasons, including three 13-3 seasons and a nine-year run (from '89-'97) of consecutive winning seasons. Playoff record over that time? 3-9. This is a team that, for the better part of two decades, gave you hope and reason to cheer nearly ever year but once playoff time rolled around failed to deliver time after time and seemed to take a certain macabre joy in repeatedly kicking its fans in the plums.

Since 1969 season: AFC championships: Broncos 6, Raiders 4, Chiefs 0. Super Bowls titles: Raiders 3, Broncos 2, Chiefs 0.

Readers respond: We're tortured, too! from ESPN

There were once three very talented brothers, Dennis Darling, Devaughn Darling and Devard Darling. Devaughn and Devard became high school and college standouts in American Football.

With a bright future promised, Devaughn collapsed and died following a workout with the Florida State Seminoles. Then, there were two talented brothers.

Devard transferred from Florida State to Washington State and continued to excite football experts. He opted for the National Football League with one season left in college and went to the Baltimore Ravens in the draft. He was on the Ravens' roster from 2004 to 2007 and then joined the Kansas City Chiefs, his present team.

What's happening with Dennis Darling? from The Nassau Guardian

Maybe there is hope for Todd Haley and the Chiefs. Just look what Sean Payton has done for the New Orleans Saints.

Haley has followed much the same path as Payton. Both worked for Bill Parcells in their formative years as coaches, including 2004-05 in Dallas, where Payton was offensive coordinator and Haley was a passing-game coordinator/wide-receivers coach.

Both were offensive coordinators in Super Bowl losses — Payton with the Giants in 2000, Haley with the Cardinals last season. Payton took over as head coach in New Orleans in 2006; Haley went to Arizona as offensive coordinator in 2007 before coming to the Chiefs last season.

That’s where the similarity ends for now.

Right path leads Saints coach to title game from KC Star

Player Tweets

almighty31 on skype talkin 2 my homie @Mycurtis watch out for her nxt yr on the court. Univ of Houston> Transfer rules r somethin else
almighty31 RT @Mycurtis Talking to "THE MAN" from THE Valdosta State! on skype @almighty31 <<<< Yes i am the Face of VSU
almighty31 who wants 2 do abs wit me?
almighty31 i should of went 2 MIAMI
JarradPage44 NO!!! to everyone that said go to sleep. I go to bed late and workout early. Lol. @itsarush I can't go to that class. Lmao

Media and Fans

ArrowheadPride @Adam_Schefter And I saw Marcus Allen playing in a flag football game down here in Miami yesterday...he can still dive over the pile.
jesseparkes: @fb_outsiders Which explains why the NFL chose "The Who?" for halftime. RT @tuffyr Like reminding people the Chiefs exist.

BrianMcGannon: Just realized the most expensive Chiefs ticket costs as much as the cheapest Bears ticket. I'm going to miss you, KC...

 billfix: @Adam_Schefter Chiefs got a bunch of guysbpast prime: Allen, Montana, Moon, Rison

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