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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Talks New Coach Emmitt Thomas

Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli was on 810 WHB last night to discuss their new partnership and ended up touching on a few topics including new defensive backs coach Emmitt Thomas.

Thomas, of course, is in the Hall of Fame from his time with the Chiefs.

Pioli explained that he had actually followed Thomas' career for some time partly due to his familiarity with Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff.

"I’ve spent some time with (Emmitt) and he’s a phenomenal human being," Pioli continued. "I knew that from my past experiences with him, but he’s really going to add a dynamic to this football team that’s going to help not only on the football field, but in the coaching staff. He’s going to be helping coach and mentor a lot of our younger players and coaches on the staff."

Pioli also hit on the other coaches reiterating that before the big names like Weis and Crennel came on board, there were already some good coaches on board.

Throughout the hiring process, Pioli has been sure to mention the coaches already on board.. Guys like Bill Muir and Gary Gibbs have been in the league a long time and are good at what they do, he says.

That should just about conclude the 2010 hiring process for the Chiefs.

(Thanks to Josh Looney of for transcribing the interview.)

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