With 2010 Pro Bowl finished, what should they do for 2011

Fisrt of all i wanted to say tht this would have been posted a few days ago,but lack of a compute makes that a slight problem. 


  We all know that this years Pro Bowl was full of problems.  from Super Bowl players not being able to play, to moving it to Florida instead of Hawaii.  but there were some things that went well for the NFL. Mainly the higher ratings for the game. so this got me thinking, what could the NFL do with the Pro Bowl for the years to come?

1) Put the Pro Bowl back in Hawaii and after the Super Bowl.  Personally i don't see this happening in the long run.  it may happen next year, but it may not last.  the ratings fpr this years Pro Bowl was higher than it has been recently and i dont think Rodger Goodell will want a ratings drop.

2) improve on the movement that was made this year.  keep the pro bowl to be played the week before the Super Bowl, but make its more like the All Star game in basketball. what i mean by that is make a weekend of it.  Have skills competitions for certain positions. an open competition to where any player can participate. have a day where its like an "awards show" type event to where all year end awards are awarded at the same time. and of course the pro bowl game. 

3) Have a game to where the "Pro Bowl team" plays against the incoming draft class coming out of college.  pro bowl rules like no blitzing and stuff like that.  it would kind of be a combination of Pro Bowl/senior bowl game. 


Personally, i like number 2 the best.  making a whole weekend out of it would probably drive in bigger crowds, which means more money and higher ratings.  and you could move this one back at the end of the year so superbowl participants can be involved too. but thats just my opinion.       any thoughts??

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