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Notre Dame WR Golden Tate Runs An Unofficial 4.36 40-Yard Dash

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(Update: The official time is 4.42)

Notre Dame WR Golden Tate just made a few bucks in draft positioning.

He just ran an unofficial 4.36 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine (streamed live here) which would be a big boost to his resume.

Maybe he was just setting us up but earlier in the week he wasn't boasting of his speed.

"I'm not really sure what scouts are looking for. I'm hoping that my film speaks for itself.  As far as the forty, I expect to run sub-4.5.  Not too good of a time, but not too bad," Tate said.

I'd say 4.36 is fast enough.

Tate has previously said playing for his former Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis would be a "dream" of his. The Chiefs, who are in need of a receiver, may agree if he were available early in the second round.

However, Tate's 40 time will undoubtedly push him up a few spots on the draft boards of a few teams. Who knows if he'll be available with the Chiefs pick?

(Ed. Note: And he just followed it up with a 4.37 on his second run)

(H/T Larryemcdaniel)