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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/28

Happy Sunday. I'll be spending this afternoon watching the USA team skate against those pesky Canadians for the gold. 3pm Eastern. In the mean time, here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news.

A year ago, Todd Haley’s world was going so fast he doesn’t remember much about the NFL Combine.

This weekend, things have slowed down and the guy who grew up in a household where judging football players coming into the NFL paid the bills, is feeling good about wearing a personnel man’s hat again at Lucas Oil Stadium.

"I enjoy this time of year a bunch," Haley told the media assembled for the 2010 NFL Combine. "Coach (Bill) Parcells has always told me that to be an effective coach in the NFL, you have to know personnel. I’m very fortunate to have been raised by the man I was raised by who I think was pretty good at finding guys that could play football.

NFL Combine: What Haley Had To Say from Bob Gretz

The sour mood Todd Haley often carried through his first year with the Chiefs began to change when his team hammered the Broncos in the season’s final game.

It further lightened when shortly after season’s end, Haley hired veteran coaches Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis as coordinators for the defense and offense.

Throw in the fact he’s no longer a rookie head coach and a few other factors and Haley’s outlook is suddenly rosy. He said at the scouting combine Saturday he believes that after just 10 wins in the past three seasons, the worst for the Chiefs is mercifully over.

Haley says worst is over heading into second season from KC Star

What’s noteworthy about the group of 44 wide receivers in town for the four-day Combine is the presence of so many pass catchers out of the Big 12 Conference. At every level of prospective talent among the receivers there are familiar names to college football fans in the Midwest.

The best receiver in the draft is thought to be Dez Bryant, a product of Oklahoma State who did not play in the 2009 season for the Cowboys because of an NCAA suspension. Bryant will be a first-round selection.

At the next level, considered anywhere from second to fourth-round talents are Dezmon Briscoe out of Kansas and Jordan Shipley from Texas.

Big 12 WRs Dominate … Sunday Cup O’Combine from Bob Gretz

Chiefs coach Todd Haley knows that his franchise is fast becoming perceived as Foxboro West.

Kansas City imported Patriots GM Scott Pioli last offseason, and he brought quarterback Matt Cassel and linebacker Mike Vrabel along with him via trade. In recent months, former New England coordinators Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis signed on to join Haley and the Chiefs’ coaching staff.

All that’s missing now in Kansas City is a lighthouse at one end of the stadium, right?

Speaking at the NFL Scouting Combine on Saturday morning, Haley was quick to credit the Patriots’ system and the influence it has had on the Chiefs’ approach to team-buidling. But he did remind reporters that by and large, these relationships took root with the Jets more than a decade ago: Pioli was in the front office, but Weis and Crennel all worked with Haley with the Jets, a staff that included (for a time) Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley talks about New England influence from It Is What It Is

Cassel, the former Chatsworth High standout who last year signed a big contract to move from a back-up role in New England to the starting job in Kansas City, could only shake his head at all the buzz the young phenom was creating.

"When I was in the seventh grade I was probably thinking `When is my mom going to take us to Round Table Pizza again, and is there a cool video game out there I can play?"' Cassel said. "I definitely wasn't thinking about a college football scholarship.

"It's pretty crazy to me, I had no idea he was only 13 years old, I just met him today, but he seems like a great kid and he definitely seems to have a good head on his shoulders."

BONSIGNORE: USC gets a glimpse of its future at quarterback from The Los Angeles Daily News

Saturday was the day the offensive linemen and tight ends worked out for the NFL coaches, scouts and general managers. The NFL Network showed several shots of Kansas City Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli and offensive coordinator Charlie Weis furiously scribbling notes during the offensive line drills. The fact that the Chiefs need two or three new offensive linemen this off-season might be one of the worst-kept secrets in the NFL.

After watching several hours of Saturday's Combine for you, my loyal readers, here are five prospects that stood out who the Chiefs should take a closer look at for April’s draft:

Five players the Chiefs should be looking at from Saturday’s NFL Combine from

But I am not writing about Devery. I want to mention Opelousas' first native to earn a Super Bowl ring, Remi Prudhomme.

I was a senior on the 1959 OHS football team (along with Joe Godchaux, Lee Worley and others). As I recall, Remi was a sophomore, who went on to play football at LSU where he was an All-American (1964). He was drafted by the pros and played with the Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints. Remi was a defensive star with the Chiefs and played a pivotal role as the Chiefs won Super Bowl IV.

Again, I am not attempting to detract from what was done to honor Devery. His accolades are truly well-earned. I just wanted your readers to also be aware of and remember what Remi Prudhomme accomplished.

Reader recognizes a local hero from The Daily World

According to an NFL spokesman, it has been revealed that the league could possibly change its overtime format for playoff games.


Currently in the NFL, the first team to score any points wins the game regardless of whether each team has had an offensive possession.  


Under the new format, if the first team to have the ball scores a touchdown, the rule would remain the same and the game would be over. However, if the first team to have the ball in overtime only scores a field goal, the other team would then get the ball and have a chance to either win the game with a touchdown or kick a field goal to tie the game and the action would continue at that point in a sudden death format in which the first team to score would win the game.  

Possible NFL Overtime Format Change for Playoffs from Player Press

Oklahoma State offensive tackle Russell Okung summed it up perfectly.

How ready are you, I asked him at the NFL scouting combine this past week, to play in the NFL?

"It’s not the NFL right now," Okung responded. "My level of readiness is completely going towards the combine and bringing my best product out here."

The combine, of course, isn’t really football. People around the NFL for years have bemoaned the increased training players are receiving each February for drills that quantify their abilities but translate minimally to what they’ll do on Sundays.

Okung, for one, said he’s spent the past month working solely on the exact drills he performed on Saturday — before dropping out with what reportedly is a minor groin injury.

Around the NFL: The combine? 'It's not the NFL' from The Green Bay Press-Gazette

Nine years after Devaughn Darling's death, the family is still searching for closure.

The Florida State linebacker died after collapsing during an offseason mat drills workout with teammates on the morning of Feb. 26, 2001. The cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia but the Darling family argued that FSU ignored warning signs and deprived him of water during the workout.

His family won a $2 million settlement with FSU, of which just $200,000 has been paid.

The reason? Florida law states that any damages against a state university or agency above $200,000 must be approved by the Legislature. Previous bills in both the state Senate and House of Representatives related to Darling have failed to pass.

"Every year I have hope," said Wendy Hunter, Darling's mother. "That's how I am. They will find it in their hearts to see it through."

Darling Family Looks For Closure in Death Of Son Devaughn from The

Player Tweets

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Media and Fans

JoshLooney By far the best personality at the Combine...favorite interview...hilarious guy...Cam Thomas -
Adam_Schefter Filed to ESPN: Thomas Jones will not be restructuring his contract with Jets + will be released this week. He'll be a free agent March 5th.
 darthvader Olympic ice dancing to a muzak version of Billy Jean. Evil has a new name.
 darthvader I said "thank you" to the ice once. It involved a sqadron of AT-ATs and a lot of dead rebels. #imperialolympics
 joshspangler @almighty31 glad to find you on here today. Stay positive - we're behind you bruh. Lookin forward to a new era of winning here in #KC.

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