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Clausen Calls Chiefs' Charlie Weis One Of The Best QB Coaches

Earlier in the week we passed along word that Chiefs offensive coordinator and former Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis was taking calls on QB Jimmy Clausen. Weis recruited and coached Clausen for three years so he probably knows him better than anyone. Publicly, Weis has only had very good things to say about Clausen.

Today Clausen returned the favor with some complimentary words for Weis.

"He's a great quarterback coach, one of the best I've ever had. He's probably the smartest coach I've ever been around," Clausen said. "Coach Weis definitely knows what he's doing. He puts me in a great position to go out there and just play football and make plays."

And Clausen points out that unlike the other top quarterback, Sam Bradford, he has experience under center and with diverse NFL-style offenses.

"I've been in coach Weis' system the past three years. I'm a little familiar with the West Coast system," Clausen said. "I've played under center for the past three years under coach Weis. We've been in shotgun, so I've been a lot of different variety of offenses."

Weis has helped produce star players in both the NFL and college so that bodes well for Matt Cassel moving forward.

And before you ask -- No, the Chiefs aren't going to take a quarterback.

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