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Early Word Is That The Chiefs Like Bryan Bulaga

Russell Okung seems to be cementing himself as the No. 1 left tackle prospect in the draft. He's been impressive in his press conference and strong at the bench press.

However, there are some that feel Bryan Bulaga could end up in a Kansas City Chiefs uniform. As we mentioned the other day, Bulaga comes from Iowa, coached by Kirk Ferentz who reportedly has a good relationship with Chiefs GM Scott Pioli.

"A lot of people in Indianapolis feel he belongs in a Kansas City Chiefs uniform and that wouldn't be a bad decision for general manager Scott Pioli with the fifth overall pick," said Pat Kirwan of

Check out this interview with Bulaga on

After watching it, I agree with Pat Kirwan who said, "Sitting down with him was like talking with an NFL offensive line coach."

He's technically sound and comes with the blessing of a coach close to him.

And the thing with the Chiefs, as we've learned, is that you can't count out anyone with the 5th pick. Tyson Jackson was pretty far out there and I know Scott Pioli will pick the guy he feels will help the team best.

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