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Georgia Tech RB Jonathan Dwyer Speaks About Combine Hopes

One of the man-beasts vying for "First Running Back Taken" in the 2010 NFL Draft is Georgia Tech running back Jonathan Dwyer -- a guy likened to Jonathan Stewart by the National Football Post's Wes Bunting. This last year, 14 touchdowns and 1,300+ rushing yards attest to the fact that the guy can run, and scouts rave about his initial burst, his vision and instincts. We got some time to quickly sit down and ask the promising back some questions at this year's combine.

Q: What do you hope to run here?

A: I'd say a 4.4 or 4.5, around that time. You try to get around there, and I'll maybe try to run again on Pro Day.

Q: With so many guys vying for first round spots, is it competitive among you guys?

A: A lot of us are just having fun, talking and enjoying ourselves and joking around. I guess once tomorrow gets here, you'll see a little more competitiveness. That's a time where it's a different aspect. It's something different. You're competing trying to get a job. Definitely tomorrow there will a lot of juices flowing, a lot of competitiveness. It'll be a fun atmosphere to be a part of.

Q: Are you a guy who pays attention to mock drafts and where you may go?

A: You know, I've seen some of the things like that, but you really can't pay too much attention to it. That's why it's called a mock draft. You just have to put all of that stuff behind you and use that as motivation. Some guys use it as motivation, other guys use it to see what people think about them. So it's just something I look at every now and then. I've just been enjoying the moment and having fun.

Q: You really hit your stride in mid-season where you're putting up bigger numbers?

A: Yeah, I felt more productive. I was just getting in a rhythm. That's the thing about a running back, once you get into that rhythm, you have a confidence level or a swagger where you can make some plays and make something happen. I definitely started hitting a stride to get productive.

Q: I didn't know if you were finding some things about your game and approach?

A: I don't think I learned too much. I was just doing my role and what I was supposed to do.

Q: What's your relationship with [C.J.] Spiller?

A: We're close actually. We're friends on and off the field. We talked to each other all through the season and we talked to each other through this whole process. So if you see us around in a group, he's either by me or I'm by him. It's a close relationship, but it's a competitive relationship.

Q: Some guys are grading you impressively high compared to others in the draft class...

A: Well, in this whole process of going through interviews, you have to really express what you bring to the table. Like myself, if you're looking for a guy who's going to be a complete back and be able to pass block, run inside, run outside, be the change of pace back that you need. If you need a guy who makes a big block, I can be that guy. If you need a guy to return kicks, that's me. If a team makes a mistake in not drafting me, I'm gonna be a handful every time we play. So that's just my style.

Q: Yeah, a lot of the talk about you is the well-rounded game, yet are you intimidated at all to have to take all of those skills to the next level?

A: Even when you reach your goal of playing in the NFL, you still got your things in your game you have to perfect. There's still things in my game I want to get better at, but I just have to sell myself right now. I feel I'll be a productive player, but only time will tell. I'll just continue to work hard every time I get on the field or when I'm off the field in the weight room.

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