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Chiefs Meet With Kansas WR Kerry Meier

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The Kansas City Chiefs have met with Kansas WR Kerry Meier. Most of you local folks know Meier's story. He went to Kansas as a quarterback and then Mark Mangino switched him to receiver where he did well.

The Chiefs of course could use a receiver. And Chiefs scouts attended at least a handful of KU games this season so we've been wondering which players they've been keeping their eye on.

Meier measured in at 6'2", 224 pounds at the NFL Combine. He's projected as a late round prospect.

Meier admitted to not being the fastest receiver -- he hopes to run in the 4.5 range -- but said for his size he's very athletic.

"Kerry Meier is a guy I’ve enjoyed watching," said NFL Network's Mike Mayock. "He’s one of those productive, third-down possession guys. He’s not going to run fast, but the thing I like about him is he’s got a big body and he knows how to use it, kind of like a weak-side rebounder in basketball.

I'm admittedly not a big KU fan but Meier seems like the type of guy that Scott Pioli and Todd Haley would like.

Meier also met with the 49ers and Bucs, according to Chris Steuber of