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Chiefs GM Not Worried About Competition From Parcells, Belichick Trees

scott pioli interview
scott pioli interview

Some fine reporter (not sure who it was) asked Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli a very good question yesterday afternoon.

Basically the reporter asked if the Chiefs were facing competition for similar players from members of the Parcells and Belichick trees -- Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos and (to an extent) Cleveland Browns.

The folks with those teams all have connections to Bill Parcells and/or Bill Belichick and thus have similar philosophies when it comes to the NFL draft.

"In one way -- because the branches are in different places -- the make-up of the individuals is very similar," Pioli said. "What you're looking for physically and philosophically is different because what they're running in Atlanta, and what we're running and what the Patriots are running and what Eric's running and what theyr'e running in Miami are different things."

The philosophies are "similar but different" he says. 

"We want smart guys and we want people who are professionals and people who will put football in the top three most important things in your life," he continued. "We want people that are going to be absolutely constant professionals."

Since the Chiefs are drafting ahead of all these teams then they're going to have the pick of the litter, right?

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