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Central Michigan's Dan LeFevour Provides Intriguing QB Option

It's an unlikely origin. The MAC -- Mid-American Conference -- certainly doesn't seem the likely birthplace of quality NFL quarterbacks when the likes of the SEC, Big 10, Big 12 and so on garner exponentially more attention, yet a quick look around NFL rosters reveals the MAC as the college conference of choice. Ben Roethlisberger, Chad Pennington, Byron Leftwich, Charlie Frye and Bruce Gradkowski all hail from the conference and now Dan LeFevour from Central Michigan stands to join the ranks.

LeFevour is 6'3", 229 and his stats are off the charts. While in the past, you might believe that's a matter of playing in the conference, it's hard to knock LeFevour with the success of others mentioned above. In his career, he's passed for nearly 13,000 yards, rushed for around 3,000 and is responsible for 150 touchdowns total (passing and rushing). He produces, plain and simple, and the Chiefs would do well to grab the talented QB if he's available at the right time.

Q: Why'd you decide not to work out here when you have a chance to stand out with other guys not working out here?

A: Well, I am working out. I'm doing a lot of running, I'm just not throwing to receivers now. I just did that because I wanted to throw to guys that I'm used to. I want to get a little more work under center and get into a rhythm a little more and just be able to put the best product out there that I can.

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Q: With the big name quarterbacks everyone's focused on, do you think you're a sleeper and that you can work your way into the same category?

A: Hopefully, I'm thinking that I am a big name quarterback, too. But every situation is unique. You have to approach it with a workmanlike mentality. That stuff doesn't phase me too much or isn't that important to me. I can't control it. I can't control anyone else.

Q: Where do you feel like you fit in this quarterback class?

A: That's not for me to say. I know what I'm capable of doing. I'm working hard to get better every day and I'm just looking forward to the opportunity.

Q: What's the first thing you'd do when selected?

A: I'd move right to the city right away and start learning. That's the most important thing as a quarterback is to be around the facility and be seen in the building and just get to work and get comfortable with that offense. That's how you're gonna make your living and you got to know what you're doing out there.

Q: Do you feel that you don't get the press that you deserve?

A: Not really. I understand where that's coming from, but you just have to handle it and take it in stride and just control what I can control. I'm just doing the best that I can.

Q: How do you feel coming out of the MAC?

A: There's a lot of guys from the MAC who have experience and have been able to play more than one or two years and they're in offenses that allow them to throw the ball around a little bit. Those are probably the biggest reasons for quarterbacks coming out of the MAC to have success.

Q: How would you earn the respect as a rookie quarterback?

A: You gotta make plays on the field before you open your mouth. You can't go in there barking orders to guys who've been there a few years before you've even stepped on the field. So it's important for them to see your work ethic, your mentality, your approach to the game and then you gotta produce a little bit on the field.

Q: How do you feel about your Senior Bowl performance?

A: Well, it wasn't as consistent as I would have liked. Making those throws under center sometimes looked a little more natural at other times, but I don't think it hurt. I think my stock was moving in the right direction, but in the same breath, I don't pay a whole lot of attention to that. I just try not to get too caught up in that and just control what I can.

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