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Rumor At The NFL Combine Is Chiefs, Chambers Working On A Deal

According to ESPN's Bill Williamson, the "scuttlebutt" around the NFL Combine is that the Kansas City Chiefs want to lock up WR Chris Chambers.

So it is no surprise that the scuttlebutt at the combine is that the Chiefs and Chambers’ agent are working hard to get an extension done. Pioli wasn’t specific about any of his players Thursday, but he did say his own free agents are important. In my mind, none are more important than Chambers. So, it makes sense that these two sides are working to get a deal done.

I think this is a good plan for both sides.

For the Chiefs, they'll get their most productive receiver back and have a full season to allow him to learn the offense. Pairing him with Dwayne Bowe for 16 games could be very interesting.

For Chambers, he'll get a shot at being "the man" on a team, which is something a lot of 31 year old receivers don't get to do. Plus, the Chiefs have the cash to keep him -- if they're willing to spend it.

The Chiefs have until the night of March 4th to strike a deal with Chambers or else he'll hit the market (where his market value conceivably could be higher).

(H/T stagdsp for the first FanShot)

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