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Clemson WR Jacoby Ford Discusses Track Background and Teammate C.J. Spiller

Jacoby Ford
Jacoby Ford

Sometimes it's a joy. Others it's a drag. Either way, being a teammate of C.J. Spiller definitely offers a different experience during your college playing career. For Jacoby Ford, the talented wide receiver from Clemson, it seems he has no frustrations or disappointment lingering from giving up return opportunities and, ultimately, the spotlight to Spiller. Instead, Ford talks about being a fan himself -- even when he's on the field with him.

However, Ford's got more to offer than perspective on another player. Whether speaking about his fine career comprised of nearly 2,000 yards and 16 touchdowns or his ability to throw the football, the track star could be a fine late round addition for the Chiefs as a burner on offense and return capabilities.

Q: What are you hearing in terms of your own placement in the draft round-wise?

A: Well, I definitely think that the Senior Bowl really helped me a lot in getting my name out there. People probably saw me just get bubble screens a lot and not really see if I'm really a good receiver. So the Senior Bowl gave me a chance to showcase my talent and skill level and I was out there trying to make every play possible.

Q: Are you a track guy playing football or a football guy that runs track?

A: I'm a football guy that just so happens to be able to run track.

Q: Do any of those track skills specifically translate over to help you?

A: Definitely. If you get tripped up in football, my legs are able to turn over a lot faster than what another player would be able to, just because we work on turnover speed so much. So I think that certain things will turn over from track to football to help me as much as possible.

Q: Some of the Clemson receivers have had issues being successful in the NFL. Why do you think that is?

A: I don't know. I mean, the last receiver I really talked to is Chansi Stuckey, and he's still playing with the Cleveland Browns last time I talked to him. He's been successful at the NFL level, so I'm just trying to keep it going and follow right behind him. He's the guy that I watched when I actually was at Clemson, so he's a big part of everything that I have done. I've learned a lot from him, so I have to tip my hat to him.

Q: What's it like to watch C.J. Spiller week in and week out?

A: It's amazing. You see a guy out there giving 110% every time he touched the ball. Just watching him and certain things that he does, I found myself stopping myself instead of running behind him just so I can watch. I mean, I know no one's gonna catch him. Sometimes I'm like, 'Wow, how did he do that?' Especially with that kick return against Maryland, I was blocking for him, but I was also watching him at the same time. As soon as he broke, I just wanted to run along with him. I didn't even know that his shoe had actually came off until he came up afterwards.

Q: What kind of player is the team that picks you getting?

A: I think they're getting a player that's really smart and tough and knows how to play the game exceptionally well and brings a lot of speed and explosiveness to the game, too.

Q: What has DeSean Jackson done for smaller receivers?

A: I definitely think he's given us a lot more confidence. If you see a smaller guy out there in the NFL, it definitely gives you a lot of hope and wisdom, too, just to know that if he can go out there and do that, I can have a chance to go out there and do the same.

Q: Where did that touchdown pass come from?

A: I had been throwing a lot in practice. We had a lot of trick plays in practice where I would be throwing tight spirals and coach would always mess with me and say, 'Yeah, we need to throw it," and Coach Napier just ended up calling it one day in the game. I was ready for it and I threw my first touchdown pass.

Q: Do you think you could end up doing some wildcat stuff in the NFL?

A: Yes, sir, I think I could. I know I wouldn't mind doing it at all.

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