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Golden Tate Speaks About Jimmy Clausen and Charlie Weis

Of all possible players for the Chiefs to consider in the second round, you'd have a hard time beating the name Golden Tate for most buzz. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have his former college coach as the team's new offensive coordinator. As the Notre Dame wide receiver took the podium at the NFL Combine, he definitely reflected on the dream to play for Coach Weis.

"It's always a dream to play for the coach who taught you and made you into the receiver that you are," says Tate. "But I'm excited to play for any team and help them get to the Super Bowl." Of course, several GMs and Coaches have noted that agents are teaching their pupils better than ever how to handle the press and it certainly shows in PC answers like that one.

Tate, however, did lend insight into Charlie Weis' input on the coming out process, giving him advice both before and after this recent 2009 season. "I spoke with Coach Weis before the season and he said that unless you have 1,500 yards receiving and 16 to 17 touchdowns, I would not come out early. Well, I ended up with 1,500 and, I think, 15 touchdowns, so that's right around there." Later on, he added that Coach Weis was one of the persons helping him weigh the decision carefully. "Before making the decision to come out, we weighed the pros and cons and the pros were better, so I came out early."

Tate also gave a bit of insight on teammate Jimmy Clausen -- one of the most high-profile QBs available this year. "Jimmy's consistent and he showed up every day ready to work. Every day we got the same Jimmy. I am pleased with what he did for the program. Overall, he did a great job... Coach Weis prepared him for the NFL and I think he will be successful."

When I asked him if he already had a deal with the Chiefs under the table to take him in the second round, he just winked and nodded.*

*Denotes event did not truly happen.

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