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Rams GM Billy Devaney Speaks About Top Pick in 2010 Draft

Billy Devaney
Billy Devaney

One of the first press conferences of the day belonged to Billy Devaney, general manager of the St. Louis Rams and holder of Wonka's Golden Ticket (a.k.a. the first pick in the 2010 draft). With all of the buzz surrounding the upcoming draft and who might move up or down, Devaney's audience was ready with all sorts of questions.

The most recent buzz centered around ESPN's Adam Schefter saying that Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford will be the number one pick in the draft. Specifically he stated, "I believe ultimately, when all is said and done, that the Rams' number one pick on April 22nd, two months from now, will be Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford. I'm willing to take all bets on that one right now."

"Well, he took the pressure off of us," responded Devaney today at the Combine, "when Dr. Schefter cleared him medically and guaranteed our pick." Later on he jokes, "We're on to the second round now."

Others asked about the possibility of any trades, but Devaney quickly put any rumors to rest, noting, "It's too early for trades. Free agency could alter your draft strategy... There hasn't been any calls, anything whatsoever." Of course, he also didn't deny the Rams wouldn't be open to a trade, laughing while explaining that "No one's gonna say, 'Hell, no, we don't want more picks.' No one will say that."

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In terms of finding out much about the Rams' plans at the combine, it's just not going to happen. As Devaney notes concerning the quarterbacks abilities: "This is not the greatest environment for quarterbacks to work. They throw three balls and then stand around and then wait for their turn again. It's the best we can do here, but it's what we have to work with." Also, the ages of some possible players become a concern because you can only truly scout the seniors all year long knowing they'll be available. "We're just starting to find out about the juniors. The coaches don't want to talk about a guy that they want to stay in school."

With talents like Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy available at the top of the draft, questions about possibly taking a defensive tackle at the top spot couldn't be avoided. Yet the last such player taken -- "Big Daddy" Dan Wilkinson -- doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Still Devaney says that's not a concern. "When you see someone who's a difference maker, it doesn't matter what position they play." Later on, he explains, "When you get into the second or third round, you get depth there maybe. You get some run stoppers or maybe they can rush the passer. But when you get a three down guy, that's really unique."

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