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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Talks Tim Tebow

Back in January at the Senior Bowl, it was reported that the Kansas City Chiefs met with Tim Tebow, which of course set off a string of over 100 comments from you all in this space. Chiefs GM Scott Pioli is known for being very in-depth with all the potential prospects so this certainly isn't a sign that the Chiefs are eyeing Tebow.

The Chiefs GM took the podium yesterday to answer a few questions and he wasn't immune to the Tebowmania Arrowhead Pride's Matt Conner described yesterday. As Matt reported, nearly every press conference included a Tebow question.

When reporters asked Pioli about Tebow's decision not to throw at the Combine, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "If you're good, you're good. I like to see guys who want to compete."

He was then asked if the decision not to participate in all drills at the Combine comes into play when evaluating prospects.

"For me, it does," Pioli said. "I think for other teams, it doesn't. But for me, it does. I understand the reasons that some of the agents and some of the players feel that players shouldn't compete here, but to me, if you're a competitor, if you're good, then you're going to be good."    

(H/T WTexKC for the first FanShot)

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