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The Celebs Come Out on Friday at the NFL Combine

Sam Bradford

Today's going to be a busy day at the Combine. Of course, you could say that about every day at the media circus here in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, but the skill position players officially arrive today for a few days of workouts -- and that means the "name" players that every level/type of media will be interested in arrive today.

Many are players we've mentioned here at Arrowhead Pride before, whether for the Chiefs or just as top players to watch: Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen, Dan Lefevour, Colt McCoy, Tony Pike and Tim Tebow headline the quarterback class showing up throughout the day for press conferences and measurements. Running backs include Jahvid Best, LeGarrette Blount, Jonathan Dwyer, Dexter McCluster and C.J. Spiller. And that's not including receivers like Dez Bryant, Arrelious Benn, Golden Tate, Jordan Shipley, Brandon LaFell, Mardy Gilyard and several others.

In other words, most prospects you'll be hearing about in this year's draft -- because of the popularity of offensive skill positions -- show themselves today among the endless parade of press conferences of NFL coaches, general managers, et al. Should be an interesting day with endless buzz, so we'll do our best to bring profiles of some key players the Chiefs might target as well as some coaches and personnel to give us insight into the way the draft might flow among other things. We'll also have some insights into Mike Shanahan's new home in the nation's capital. Keep checking back throughout the day for the highlights.

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