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Chiefs Coach Doesn't Want You Feeling Sorry For Him

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We've got a great story coming from Bob LeGere of the Daily Herald this morning (via NJ Chiefs Fan in Arrowheadlines of course).

LeGere sat down with Giants offensive line coach Pat Flaherty and Cardinals offensive line guru Russ Grimm. Flaherty said he spoke with Chiefs head coach Todd Haley following the Giants victory over the Chiefs in week four.

"I told Todd his team really played hard for him and they were doing great," Flaherty said. "Well, you know how Todd is. He said, ‘(Blank) you, Flats. Don't feel sorry for us. I don't care if they play hard, I want them to play good."

"So I told him, ‘(Blank) you, too Todd,' " Flaherty said with a laugh.

To be honest, Haley seems like a guy I would want to hang out with.