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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Says The Chiefs Aren't Looking For A Quarterback

Around 10:30 this morning I was listening to Nick Wright on 610 Sports and he mentioned Jon Yoon's post from this morning

Basically, Yoon gave his thoughts on five myths he felt surrounded the Chiefs quarterback situation. His feelings are summed up pretty well in the title: "It's Okay To Draft Jimmy Clausen...And Yes, It Could Happen." He raises a few interesting (and debatable) points.

Wright, who had some nice words for AP, strongly disagreed.

"Jon Yoon wrote on Arrowhead Pride -- it was posted at 6:20 this morning -- that it's okay if the Chiefs draft Jimmy Clausen and yes it could happen," Wright said.

"No, it's not okay and no it can't happen!"

Here's a link to the 610 Sports podcast. It's about 25 minutes in.

Well, if you're into believing GMs at the NFL Combine, then Wright is, uh, right.  Chiefs GM Scott Pioli said today that the Chiefs aren't in the market for a quarterback and Matt Cassel is the starter (and future) moving forward.

Of course, this won't change the rumor mill from churning. Due in large part to the Charlie Weis connection, I suspect we'll continue to hear folks suggest it's not so crazy if the Chiefs draft Jimmy Clausen.

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