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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/24

Morning AP. A whole lot of nothing out there, and most of what I found has been posted already. Here's what I could find. Enjoy your Kansas City Chiefs news.

There are other players who have become available or will be by next Friday. Their availability should be a caution sign for all other teams. Generally because of age and football wear and tear, players that pop up on the waiver wire at this time of the year don’t have a lot of upside. They can be good plug-ins for a year, maybe two while a team develops a younger player.

That’s the spot where the Chiefs are right now. The addition of any of these players would not be the final piece of the puzzle for Scott Pioli and Todd Haley, like it could be for contenders like Minnesota, Indianapolis, Green Bay, New England, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and the like.

Picking Through The Pile … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

There will be approximately 330 players at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis this week attempting to impress NFL teams. A few will be can't-miss prospects who will try to increase their already valuable stock.

Many, however, will be in the same boat that Jasper Brinkley and Jamarca Sanford found themselves a year ago: just hoping to make a positive impression and get noticed...

...For Brinkley, it certainly was a more positive experience than when someone with the Kansas City Chiefs asked him if the fact his weight had gotten up to 270 pounds was the result of a mental problem he had. (Brinkley had been told by his college coaches to get bigger.)

"Teams ask some of the craziest questions ever, but that's part of what we choose to do," Sanford said.

Unknown college players have chance to show up on radar from The Star-Tribune

Being invited to the annual NFL combine, which begins Wednesday in Indianapolis, certainly provides a college prospect a pretty good leg up on being drafted. But not being chosen for the combine, and thus avoiding the poking and prodding that is a nettlesome part of the process, doesn't mean a player can't get a solid toehold on an NFL career.

Granted, the path to the NFL is a bit more pothole-strewn minus a combine résumé, but it doesn't necessarily suggest that a player has plummeted into the abyss of anonymity.

"When the invitations first come out," said New England wide receiver and two-time Pro Bowl performer Wes Welker, "it's like a red badge of courage … or a validation. But you quickly realize that, if you don't [get invited], it's not the end of the world."

Combine invite not essential from ESPN

The NFL has proposed blood-testing its players for human growth hormone, officials familiar with the deliberations said Tuesday.

But the NFL Players Association, which would have to ratify the change for the testing to be put into effect, opposes the proposal, contending that players should not be subjected to blood-testing.

The league currently has HGH on its list of banned performance-enhancing substances but does not test for it.

"Our position is that HGH blood-testing has advanced to the point where we are taking steps to incorporate it into our program," said Greg Aiello, the NFL's senior vice president of public relations.

But the players' union is maintaining its long-standing opposition to blood-testing.

NFL Favors Blood-Testing Players for HGH from The Washington Post

Player Tweets

GlennDorsey72 Watching First 48 I luh this show!!!
almighty31 im drained for the day

almighty31 why hav i been so tired lately????

almighty31 can u take a women serious if she been around????
almighty31 bout 2 go out. a lot on my mind
GlennDorsey72 RT @JUNKakaCANDY: going to magic city tonight..whos gonna meet me there<<<< on my way
almighty31 still frustrated but thankful for my life
GlennDorsey72 Gnight workouts in the a.m!!!!

Media and Fans

kyleayers Dear LaDanian Tomlinson, I saw you destroy the Chiefs twice a year for ten years. You are great, now please get out of the AFC West. Thanks
Adam_Schefter Words from De Smith RT @GAtallah The now infamous memo (in full) to agents:
 JPosnanski Well, you knew I would have SOMETHING to say about this Royals mascot thing.
 Adam_Schefter 49ers today announced they have placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on NT Aubrayo Franklin.
SI_PeterKing Roger Goodell hosted scheduled "Town Hall"-type meeting for NFL office employees today. Fielded questions about possible '11 job action.
aroundthehornkc - Kansas City legends George Brett and Frank White worked with the players today.
Adam_Schefter Michael Vick show on BET, on right now, is jaw dropping.

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