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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/23

 Another edition of Arrowheadlines. Here's today's Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet.

The marriage between the San Diego Chargers and LaDainian Tomlinson is over.

That should be cause for celebration throughout the Chiefs Nation on this Tuesday. Although Tomlinson plans to continue his career and hopes to do it with a Super Bowl contender, it’s unlikely that he will pop up twice a year on the Chiefs radar screen.

And that’s a good thing for the Kansas City defense. L.T. got a shot at the Chiefs 17 times during his nine seasons (2001-09) with the Chargers and he made the most of those opportunities. Tomlinson ran for 1,488 yards, or more rushing yards against the Texans/Chiefs than any running back piled up in 50 years.

There’s a basket of impressive numbers that he collected against the Chiefs; we’ll get to those in a minute because they are historic.

Glad To See L.T. Gone … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

Chaos has resulted from what is really nothing more than uninformed speculation on Williamson’s behalf. And there is confusion about what ESPN is actually reporting at this juncture, because Albert is currently listed as a guard on their website. In any case, the reasoning that Albert has been "slow to develop" and would "be more effective at right tackle" is uninformed.

First, there’s the issue of Albert’s development. While it’s true, from a 16-game standpoint, Albert had a disappointing 2009, it’s only fair to point out that his rookie season was a success. Despite playing in two drastically different offensive systems and protecting multiple quarterbacks, Albert allowed only five sacks and had just one penalty. As a rookie, Albert’s development was right on track.

The snag he hit in 2009 is a concern, but to label him as someone who now needs to switch positions smacks of ignorance. That’s because by the end of 2009, Albert was showing improvement and playing at a much higher level.

For Now, Albert Is A Left Tackle from WPI

You have to give private quarterback guru Steve Clarkson credit for producing lots of hype. His 15-city "Dreammaker" tour is coming to the Rose Bowl on Saturday, with Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel among his helpers.

Clarkson will be training top young quarterbacks and searching for the next good ones. Seven will be selected during his tour to participate in a competition this summer in Maui.

Football: Steve Clarkson is coming to the Rose Bowl from The Los Angeles Times

A TEXAS tycoon who owns two big American Major League Soccer sides is hoping to buy Crystal Palace.

Clark Hunt, 45, was one of the driving forces in setting up the MLS, and was linked with a bid for West Ham six months ago.

Exclusive: Texan tycoon Hunt chasing Palace deal from The South London Press

Kansas City Chiefs (100-1): I don’t know if I even need to mention the Chiefs. It looks like Matt Cassel doesn’t have a good enough arm to run Todd Haley’s offense, and I know that defense isn’t good enough or talented enough to win a playoff game, let alone four of them (because there’s no way they are getting a bye). Freaky stuff can happen, and this team might ride their late-year rushing success to a higher number of wins than expected, in a pretty blah division, maybe even the playoffs if the moons are really crazy, but a Super Bowl, please. I think the Raiders have a better shot.

AFC West Odds to Win the Super Bowl: 2011 Super Bowl XLV Odds to Win from

Chiefs WR Chris Chambers
Early on last season, it looked like Chambers' days as a fantasy contributor were over as he sputtered in San Diego. But a move to Kansas City proved to be the solution to his problems — the veteran excelled as a Chief, putting up 36-608-4 receiving in nine games. Given the club's current dearth of wideouts, the Chiefs will make every effort to bring the 31-year-old back to K.C., where he proved to be a good complement to Dwayne Bowe and could see his numbers improve with the addition of offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. Unless a high-octane pass offense is willing to hand Chambers a starting job, his best bet for fantasy success is to stay put.

Fantasy Outlook Could Change for these UFAs from Pro Football Weekly

When a player is assigned the franchise tag, it is almost cliché at this point to state that a team "slapped" him with it.

What unfolded Monday between the New England Patriots and nose tackle Vince Wilfork didn't seem like a slap. It was more like a kiss.

Whether that results in a long-term contract agreement remains to be seen, but the public statements issued by both sides were anything but contentious, which probably means that there has been at least some momentum toward a lucrative, long-term deal.

Pats, Vince Wilfork playing nice so far from ESPN

Player Tweets

almighty31 LT got released?????? WOW!!!!!!!!
almighty31 lemon pepper chops cream Qorn n Mash Patatoes
almighty31 makin a playlist for my trip 2 ATL n a week. thats gonna b a long drive

Media and Fans

Adam_Schefter Filed to ESPN: As Len Pasquarelli initially reported, Saints will NOT place their franchise tag on S Darren Sharper. He'll be a free agent.
Jesse24Bates @almighty31 ready to see you back out there on the field doing your thing representing the KC Chiefs!
Adam_Schefter Filed to ESPN: It's official - Panthers will not tag DE Julius Peppers. He'll be allowed to test free agency and leave Carolina.
SI_PeterKing RT @gdcooke: Are LT's numbers good enough for HOF? ... Scrimmage yds/game: Tomlinson 116.6, WPayton 111.9, MFaulk 108.9.
JPosnanski Just got back from Kansas-Okla. This KU team fascinates me. I cannot tell yet if they're good, great or legendary.

Kevin0823: @GlennDorsey72 i feel a breakout year for you and the chiefs!!! good luck this season

frogstew: @samw152 Chargers cutting LT is probably for the best! He can go play for the Chiefs or something now!

poohdaddy23: My dream is for the chiefs to take juilus peppers next season!!!!!! 

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