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Peppers May Not Be So Expensive, After All

Last time we talked about soon-to-be free agent Panthers DE Julius Peppers we were talking inconsistency. A few former Panthers personnel men told the Boston Globe that Peppers would end up costing someone their job when you combine his effort with a big payday.

A few folks have been wondering what kind of money Peppers will get on the open market. According to SI's Peter King, it may not be as much as you think.

Had an NFL exec tell me this weekend he thought Peppers would be lucky to get $10m a year in this climate.

That's obviously a huge difference from Albert Haynesworth's seven-year, $100 million deal last March.

So...less than a $10 million average would put a six year deal (which someone will give him) in the mid-$50 range.

The Chiefs took a good look at Albert Haynesworth last year at this time. I suspect they'll at least inquire about Peppers, even if the price is steep.

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