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Rams GM Denies Contact With Bucs About Top Five Trade

Last week, Chris Steuber of caused a little stir when he reported that the Rams and Bucs had "exploratory discussions" about swapping picks in the NFL Draft. The report involved the Rams No. 1 overall pick, the Bucs No. 3 overall pick and QB Josh Johnson.

I said, if the report is accurate (and I hinted at it being very questionable), then that's a good spot for the Chiefs because it might stop the Rams from taking a quarterback. This would work out well because a quarterback being on the board presents likely the best chance to trade down.

Well, Steuber's report is not true, according to Rams GM Billy Devaney.

I am being completely honest when I say I have not talked to anyone in Tampa Bay. I'm not saying that won't happen at some point but to date there is absolutely nothing going on.    

This is rumor mill season and, Devaney even said in his chat on that his most trusted advisor is his daughter because "all others within football are, as they say in Scarface, are lying even when they are telling the truth."

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