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AP At The 2010 NFL Combine

Hey guys, Matt here with a quick update of what to expect this week and weekend from Indianapolis and the NFL Combine. With hundreds of players flying in from all parts of the country and the front offices and coaching staffs of every NFL franchise present, it's definitely going to be a busy time of the year -- especially after these last few days without major news. Thus, I'm excited to be on the ground in Indy to bring you the news and interviews you're looking forward to.

In particular, we're aiming to sit down with some of our own Chiefs staff and personnel, so I will keep everyone posted on that as I get word. I also hope to talk to other sports writers, scouts and -- let's be honest -- anyone who can give us some keen insights on what to expect this offseason. We'll also be taking in various news conferences, reporting on performances each and every day and hopefully sitting down with potential players of interest for the Chiefs in the upcoming 2010 draft.

WIth all of that said, let me know in the comments if there is anything specific you're wanting to hear about from the combine and I'll do my best to deliver. Of course, we're requesting specific interviews, but other than that, we're all ears. Here's hoping for a good combine!

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