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Patriots NT Vince Wilfork Gets The Franchise Tag

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This isn't a surprise but now it's reportedly official.

Tom E. Curran of Comcast Sportsnet reports via a league source that the New England Patriots filed paperwork today to place the franchise tag on nose tackle Vince Wilfork

When/if he signs it, his 2010 salary will be $7 million.

This doesn't mean he's off the market. If you'll remember, the Patriots placed the franchise tag on Matt Cassel last season before ultimately shipping him to the Chiefs.

The Patriots drafted two tackles last year -- Ron Brace and Myron Pryor -- so it's possible they'll be listening to offers for Wilfork.

The deadline for submitting franchise and transition tags is Thursday, February 25th.

(H/T 7kiddies for the first FanPost and Clarry for the first FanShot)