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Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell May Not Be The Starter In 2010

If you're looking at the Kansas City Chiefs 2010 opponents and crossing off two wins against the Oakland Raiders, thing again.

ESPN's Adam Schefter expects Bruce Gradkowski -- and not JaMarcus Russell -- to be the starter heading into the 2010 season.

But look for Bruce Gradkowski to be the man going into next season. The team respects him, and it responded to him when he played. When Gradkowski was on the field, there was a certain confidence the Raiders had that they lacked when JaMarcus Russell was playing quarterback. My guess is that Gradkowski starts, Russell backs up, and they draft another quarterback to begin grooming for the future.    

This is terrible news for the Chiefs. Over a four-game stretch, Gradkowski put up over 200 yards per game passing and had six touchdown passes.

That may not seem like much but compared to Russell, it's a Pro Bowl performance.

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