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Inconsistency Could Rule Out Peppers To The Chiefs

The biggest name that should be entering the free agent market on March 5th is Carolina Panthers DE Julius Peppers. His name has been linked to the Kansas City Chiefs for obvious reasons.

An ex-Panthers personnel man recently told the Boston Globe that it should be buyer beware on Peppers, who has a perception of taking plays off.

"I wouldn’t touch him, for that money and what he gives you,’’ the personnel man told Albert Breer of the Boston Globe. "On the field, he’s a freak athletically, but it’s whether he shows up or not. He’ll go two and three games and do nothing but take up space. Then he’ll have two sacks, a forced fumble, a pick, and change the game. And that’s the danger. He can mesmerize you, but it’s not consistent.’’

That last line is key (emphasis mine) and possibly a reason the Chiefs won't be interested in Peppers. How many times have we heard Todd Haley talk about consistency? "Be the same guy every day," he says. That's up there with the "process".

An AFC scout continued with the question marks, "He could end up costing some personnel guy his job. I’m terrified of him. In my heart of hearts, I believe that if you pay this guy, I don’t think you’ll see a double-digit sack [season] again the rest of his career.’’

That doesn't sound like a Pioli/Haley type of player if you ask me. For the money that's involved, this is a major deterrent that suggests the Chiefs won't be interested in his services.

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