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Schefter Says The Chiefs Will Be 'Wheeling And Dealing'

ESPN's Adam Schefter was asked about the Kansas City Chiefs prospects entering the 2010 offseason and beyond. He indicated that GM Scott Pioli will be "wheeling and dealing" to improve the team moving forward.

Well, it has been a long time since the Chiefs have won a playoff game. I'm a fan of Scott Pioli, Todd Haley and Matt Cassel, so they have some key building blocks. But they're going to have to have a big, successful draft this time around. They can't whiff on any picks. And I think the Chiefs will be busy. I think they're going to be wheeling and dealing -- and improving for 2010.

The New England Patriots have traded more than any other team in recent years so it's not unreasonable to think Pioli and Co. will match their efforts with a few trades of their own.

The Chiefs made two trades involving 2009 draft picks and I suspect they'll make at least one in 2010.

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