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Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles and KC Wolf Head to Harvesters for "Souper Bowl Week of Caring"

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RB Jamaal Charles, OT Colin Brown, KC Wolf, members of the Kansas City Chiefs' front office and others recently spent time sorting food at a KC-area Harvesters location. They were kicking off the Souper Bowl Week of Caring, which the Chiefs are national sponsors of this year.

"Just to be here today was a lot of fun," Jamaal Charles said. "When we got here there was a group of elementary school kids shorting food so I went around and thanked them. Then, I hopped into line and started sorting myself. The Souper Bowl of Caring isn’t just something that affects folks nationally, but right here in our neighborhood. That’s important."

The Chiefs crew sorted over 15,000 pounds of food, which the mothership notes is enough food for almost 12,000 meals.

Here are two ways you can help out this week through the Souper Bowl of Caring:

  • Making a contribution to the Chiefs and Harvesters Souper Bowl virtual food drive by clicking here; and,
  • Hosting a Souper Bowl food drive or asking guests to bring canned food to a Super Bowl party. For information on holding a food drive, contact via e-mail.

Here's a little more on the Souper Bowl of Caring:

This hunger relief initiative transforms Super Bowl week into the nation’s largest youth-led week of giving and serving. This year, it is being held in advance of Super Bowl XLIV, which will be played on February 7, 2010. Since its inception two decades ago, the Souper Bowl of Caring has enabled schools, churches, and other community groups to raise over $60 million nationally. 100% of all donations go directly to food banks, soup kitchens, and other charities in our local market.

Read the full story over at the mothership.

Nice work fellas. I really love highlighting the good work the Chiefs organization does.

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