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PHOTOS: Media Day At Super Bowl XLIV


Whew...I'm finally getting a few minutes to sit down and check out the site today.  To say I've been busy is an understatement. Now I understand why players say media day is exhausting.

I saw lots of cool things today and captured it via my Sprint Palm Pre (Not a plug but...that phone has been a HUGE help this week).

Few observations:

  • Several priests were there...why? No idea. But I'm trying to find out.
  • International televisions stations are pretty funny. Mexico TV asked Reggie Wayne if he would sing some song and he declined. He then told them to go find Peyton Manning's booth.
  • Jeremy Shockey is a pretty good interview. He's energetic and willing to talk about a lot of stuff. He said it's important not to party this week but next week, "When we win the Super Bowl I'll bring everyone back here and even buy the ticket."
  • Drew Brees had probably the most media around him, followed by Reggie Bush and Sean Payton. For the Colts, Peyton Manning and Dwight Freeney had a ton.
  • OCNN (a/k/a Ochocinco News Network) is here. Their "employees" include Darnell Dockett of the Cardinals, Ray Rice of the Ravens and Chris Cooley of the Redskins.

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A bunch of miscellaneous photos that I took today are after the jump.


The view from the club level.  Those folks in the top right are painting the field.


Sean Payton answering my question.


Saints owner Tom Benson being swarmed.


Jeremy Shockey...


Drew Brees...


Reggie Bush...


Raheem Brock talking to Peter King of Sports Illustrated and others...


Peyton Manning...


Joseph Addai...


The NFL Network set inside media day. That's Warren Sapp and Rich Eisen.


Bunch of players hanging out....


Anthony Hargrove...


You can't really see it but Ray Rice is right in the middle of those Colts players and he's wearing OCNN gear.


Rich Gannon and the Sirius guys talking to Colts players.


Dwight Freeney...

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