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According to Fans, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli's First Year Was a Success

2009-2010 Fan Approval Rating of Chiefs GM Scott Pioli


We finally have a full year of approval ratings for Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli. And judging by the line graph of approval ratings above, he did a heck of a job in the eyes of Chiefs fans.

At the beginning of each month, we asked you the fans if you approve of the job Scott Pioli was doing as the Kansas City Chiefs general manager. For the most part, he did pretty well.

After starting off hot, you can see the confidence in the Chiefs 2009 draft was fairly low, as Pioli's approval dipped during that time. Many fans pinned the draft responsibility on Pioli, since he was such a successful personnel guy in New England.

Pioli's highest rating came in August 2009, when he cracked 91%. This was during the time of tough off season love. Todd Haley was kicking guy's butts who were out of shape. The Chiefs were adding former Patriots left and right. Pioli was trying to get his 53 in there.

I think part of that high poll rating was due to excitement and expectations - it was during training camp, before the Chiefs had even played a game. We had hope, as we do every year, that the Chiefs would win some games.

But unfortunately, as the Chiefs slid into 6,7, and 8 losses on the year, Pioli's numbers suffered. His lowest rating came in November and it was only 67%. The Chiefs were 1-6 at the time of the poll.

What Pioli should be proud of is the ascension of his poll numbers towards the end of the season and into 2010. After a 4-12 season, the fans are still confident and hopeful in our main man in the front office. His January 2010 approval poll was nearly twenty points about his November low.

We'll have a Pioli approval poll for February coming up later today so make sure you check back.

Any general thoughts on these approval poll results?

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