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Chiefs Coach Gives a Non-Answer To Branden Albert at LT Question

It's been nearly one year since the Kansas City Chiefs hired Todd Haley and I still have trouble at times interpreting his non-answer answers.

Today, Haley was asked the most popular question in Kansas City these days: Is Branden Albert the left tackle of the future?

The thinking by some goes that the Chiefs should draft a tackle, perhaps Russell Okung out of Oklahoma State, and move Albert to guard, the position he played in college.

"Branden, again I’m going to really going to stay out of talking about a bunch of our guys right now, but he’s a guy that showed progress throughout the year. It’s important Branden just like everybody else on this roster, that everybody continues to take steps to improve and he’s no different than anybody else. It’s important that they, as Charlie said, they need a little down time, but we’re going to get ready to get fired up again pretty quick and these guys understand now, with a year under their belt of what’s expected and where they need to be when they get here. Again, I’m looking for each and every one of our players to come in here ready to go."

The standard non-answer answer. Speak more than you need to without answering the question.

While it's frustrating not to get a straight answer on this topic, it's understandable. If Haley gave up too much information it could potentially put the Chiefs at a competitive disadvantage heading into draft day.

It's Game Time.

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