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AP Interview: Wes Bunting Analyzes the Chiefs' Draft Interests, Part Two

Well, if you missed Part One, then you should go back and read it, since National Football Post's Scouting Columnist Wes Bunting gave us some great information on the players competing for the Chiefs #5 overall pick. Here he breaks down some other interests in lower rounds, including some fan favorites from here at AP.

AP: The Chiefs have a couple second round choices and with the way early mock drafts see it, it seems there's going to be some really nice pass rushers sitting in that low first/early second round area. Do you see that same trend?

Oh, yeah. It's a deep, deep defensive end class, so all of those juniors who came out this year really added a lot of talent. You've got Derrick Morgan, Carlos Dunlap, Everson Griffin and then you keep going down, Brandon Graham from Michigan might look like a first-rounder, but he might be a second round guy. Jason Worilds from Virginia Tech, an undersized defensive end who was asked to play the run a lot this year, but this guy gets after the passer with an explosive first step. He almost looks like a poor man's Dwight Freeney. He's that talented. Jeremy Cunningham from Florida is another talented guy. Jammie Kirlew from Indiana. I mean, you can get pretty good value from defensive end throughout this entire draft class to be honest.

AP: Let's talk some specific players that we've tossed around at Arrowhead Pride. First off, Golden Tate?

I'm not a big Golden Tate guy. I think he will struggle - as will a bunch of receivers - beating press. I think he reminds me a lot of Mark Clayton from the Ravens, to be honest. He's more suited from the slot. I think he has the ability to create some deep plays, but I just don't see him creating much separation. He's a former running back, so he is good with the ball in his hands. He's just not a dynamic threat. He's not a Percy Harvin type of player. But he definitely grades out as above average from an athletic standpoint, but I just can't see him as a dynamic threat from the outside. He's more of a slot, Mark Clayton type.

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AP: What about Texas WR Jordan Shipley? How does his play translate at the pro level?

I think he's a slot guy. You watch him vs. Oklahoma's Brian Jackson and the guy couldn't get into his routes. He got pressed off the line as well. But if you give him free release from the slot, I think he'll be okay. He's not a Wes Welker. He's not that dynamic. He's more of a Brandon Stokely type receiver. He'll have a solid career in the NFL and move the chains on third down, but if you're looking for a dynamic slot guy, he's not who you want. He's a move the chains type of player.

AP: What about Vladimir Ducasse? Is he too raw or is he really that promising, because it seems these guys are there every year with this prototypical size and strength and yet most just don't pan out?

The thing is, he's 6'5" and 326 lbs. If he's that raw, you can take him as a guard, let him develop and then if you're hoping he becomes a tackle, you can slowly move him out. I mean, the Ravens did that with Jonathan Ogden. He played guard his first year and then they kicked him out to left tackle and he's one of the best in the history of the game.

Obviously, I'm not comparing their skill sets, but Ducasse does have a great skill set. He's a big guy with a big bubble body who's really physical. It's tough. You can't evaluate the guy really because he's never played against players this good. I think he's got a lot of upside to his game and he could end up developing. He's more a right tackle, I think, not so much of a left tackle. But I do think he's a pretty good guard in the NFL.

AP: The playoffs have definitely shown the value of a shutdown corner like a Darrelle Revis. Is Joe Haden at that level?

You know, that's like saying, 'Is C.J. Spiller the next Chris Johnson?' These are one-of-a-kind players. It's tough to project Joe Haden as a Revis-type player. Haden closes on the football better than anyone in the entire country. It's not even close. He's a little raw in some things and he took some big steps this year, but he has given up big plays in the past. No, I won't say he's like Revis. But he's a starting cornerback in the NFL that has the physical and athletic skill set to play at a Pro Bowl level. Will he ever get there? That's what he will have to figure out, but he can be a starter and come in early in his career.

AP: Every year, some true surprises come from out of nowhere to be drafted much higher than expected. Do you have a player on your radar that seems a candidate to surprise us on draft day?

: I think Kyle Wilson, the Boise State cornerback, had a heck of a week here in Mobile. And when you look at the cornerback class, there's Joe Haden as the number one guy and then perhaps Earl Thomas or Patrick Robinson or Syd'Quan Thomas or Dominique Franks, but I think Wilson's better than all of them. He came into the Senior Bowl with people thinking he's probably a second or third round guy. He's a little undersized, but I think he could start from Day One or could contribute right away. The second year, he's definitely a starter in the NFL. After what I've seen from Wilson this week, I think he could be a mid-first round or late-first round pick. There will be more than one corner taken in the first round.

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