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Some Reports Suggest Quarterbacks Will Be Available When Chiefs Pick

I've been saying for a while now that the best NFL draft scenario for the Kansas City Chiefs would be one in which the top two quarterbacks -- Jimmy Clausen and Sam Bradord -- are available when the Chiefs turn comes to pick.

No, I'm not suggesting the Chiefs take a quarterback but ideally a trade down scenario is possible. And usually the only position teams like to trade up for is a quarterback.

We saw it last year when the Jets moved up from the middle of the first round to the fifth pick to select Mark Sanchez.

Two of the four teams selecting ahead of the Chiefs are perceived as quarterback-needy -- the Rams (No. 1) and Redskins (No. 4).

Len Pasquarelli of is reporting that the Rams scouts are "becoming increasingly convinced" that Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh is the best prospect in the draft followed by Oklahoma DT Gerald McCoy in a close second. Will they take him? We likely won't have an intelligent answer to that until mid-April.

Meanwhile, Redskins QB Jason Campbell recently said he has a very "positive" talk with new coach Mike Shanahan. It's not a firm report by any means but it does vaguely suggest that Shanahan, who's been dubbed a quarterback guru in the past, could stick with Campbell as his man in 2010.

If both the Rams and Redskins pass on a quarterback, then the Chiefs are in a perfect position. Right behind them is the Seahawks who some project taking a quarterback. Thus, if a team wants a shot at a quarterback in this scenario, they must bypass the Seahawks to get their guy.

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