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Raiders Okay With Pendergast's Departure

We noted this morning that former Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator had left his position with the Oakland Raiders to become the defensive coordinator at Cal-Berkeley.

Raiders spokesman John Herrera (can't mention him without thinking of this) said today that they "understand" Pendergast's departure (via NFL Network).

"He came to us to be in a secondary position in coaching the secondary, with a salary that was split with the Chiefs," Herrera said. "But we knew that Clancy had been a coordinator and wanted to be a coordinator again, and this is an opportunity to do that."

Remember, the Chiefs did not "fire" Pendergast. His departure was described as "mutual" between he and Haley at the time.

Pendergast has been relieved of his coordinator twice in the last two years so I wasn't surprised there were no job offerings for that position in the NFL.

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