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Under the Radar Free Agent Possibilities: Offense

Everybody's talking about the same few free agents, and rightfully so, I s'pose. This year's FA class is as dull as my 8th grade graduation with a few who will go far and the rest just smart enough to move their tassels. So while we'll continue to read 10 posts per week about the possibility of Karlos Dansby or Vince Wilfork playing for the Chiefs, there's are actually a few other free agents under the radar worth taking a closer look. Our goal here: to examine (in two parts) some guys flying completely unnoticed who could round out the roster well.

It's worth noting before we get started that these guys will not be game-changers, so you shouldn't read this list for any saviors. Some might be special teamers or role players, important back-ups or locker room leaders. Either way, the best teams have quality through the entire roster and scouring the free agent wire for solid bargains and surprises is as important as drafting the right guy in April. With that said, here's some players who could possibly help the Chiefs on offense (defense coming tomorrow):

Chris Redman, QB
Age: 32
Former Team: Atlanta Falcons
Reason for Consideration: The Chiefs are already set at quarterback, so most of us don't think any movement is necessary. With Matt Cassel clearly set as the starting QB (no matter what you think, the second round pick and contractual investment guarantees Cassel another full season under center), any moves are only for clipboard holders. Brodie Croyle is a decent back-up who posted good mop-up stats last year in three games played and people still discuss his potential from time to time.

However, with Croyle's injury history and the unknown quantity of Matt Gutierrez, it might behoove (how's that for a word) Scott Pioli to maybe strengthen the back-up QB position a bit. And Redman would certainly do just that. The Louisville product is a longtime veteran who can handle himself in the huddle and at the position. He's had three seasons appearing in five games or more (to give him a bit of a rhythm) and it's clear he's able to step in quite well. In those seasons, he holds a 21/11 TD/INT ratio, including stronger completion percentages as he gets more experience. The Falcons should resign him, but if the Chiefs make a move at back-up, Redman's a nice name to consider.

More after the jump:

Keydrick Vincent, OG
Age: 31
Former Team: Carolina Panthers
Reason for Consideration: The Chiefs absolutely need offensive line help, especially at the interior positions. We've been fooled before by the veteran guard acquisition, so this might be more of the same. But Vincent continues to play at a high level for the Panthers in the running game especially, and could be especially suited for the Chiefs future attack with Jamaal Charles.

Good tackles will have to help cover his lack of quickness in the passing game, so it's important the Chiefs continue to build their line with more talent. But Vincent's large frame (6'5", 325 lbs.) would become a strong asset inside and allow the versatility of Wade Smith to really find its value across the line as a back-up.

Chester Pitts, OT/OG
Age: 30
Former Team: Houston Texans
Reason for Consideration: This is the wild-card. In fact, it's less than that. Pitts' celebrated iron man career with the Texans (team record holder for most consecutive starts) fell to injury last year and microfracture surgery. Plus, he's definitely on the wrong side of his NFL career arc, so let's be honest about our expectations from the get-go. Still, someone with 100+ starts experience and the versatility to play smart football at both guard and tackle has to count for something. Guys like Kevin Mawae reveal the ability to continue to play good football well into their 30s with smart play and mastering technique. For a finesse blocker like Pitts, that's a real possibility to keep going.

Kassim Osgood, WR
Age: 29
Former Team: San Diego Chargers
Reason for Consideration: If we're going to sign any guy from this list, Osgood would be my choice. He made the Pro Bowl last year (and 2007 and 2008) as a special teamer. He's a great gunner on S/T and would immediately make the Chiefs much better in that area. However, on a team starved for receivers, Osgood can also make his name at that slot if given the chance, and on the loaded Chargers, that's just not going to happen.

In KC, however, Osgood could really stand tall - literally, given his 6'5" frame - and in college he was an absolute burner at San Diego State (second in nation with 108 catches). He's had limited success given the Chargers already had Antonio Gates, Malcolm Floyd, Vincent Jackson, Chris Chambers (in the past) among others vying for the ball on an offense that already centered itself around LaDanian Tomlinson. Here's hoping a chance to break out could really allow him to do so.

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