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Arrowhead Pride Heads To The NFL Combine

In our continuing effort to be the absolute best source for Kansas City Chiefs news anywhere, Arrowhead Pride will have an official presence at the NFL Combine next week in Indianapolis, IN. More specifically, AP Editor Matt Conner will be there with official media credentials.

What does that mean for you dear readers?

You'll be getting first hand, Chiefs-specific information about every prospect Matt can possibly talk to. He'll be there for all of the shuttle runs, the 40-yard dashes and the bench presses.

And as part of our mission to bring you guys as close to the action as possible, I want to ask you this morning - What information do you want to know from the NFL Combine? What players do you really want Matt to talk with? Let us know in the comments.

Yep, we're your direct conduit to the NFL Combine. Ask a question or make a request for information and Matt will do his best to get it for you.

First we had Joel at all the Chiefs home games (and one road game in Washington D.C.). Then he knocks it out of the park with his Super Bowl coverage in Miami. And now Matt will be spending a week in Indianapolis covering the top college prospects for you. If we make it to the NFL Draft in New York, we'll have had a presence at all of the major regular season and off season events for the Chiefs.

Arrowhead Pride is having a good year, wouldn't you say?

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